1. R&D and Production

    We specializes in the development of functional materials and has provided a number of development and improvement solutions.

  2. Density Improvement

    Our granulation and superfine pulverization can improve bulk density to filling capsules and tablets.

  3. Compound

    We can mix the compound products according to the customer' s prescription requirements.

  4. Mixing and Premixing

    We have mixers of different capacities, which can mix and premix powders and particles proportionally according to customer requirements.

Global Ingredients Supply

Huir believes in good raw materials producing good products.


We have established a rigorous raw material screening system worldwide: there are several planting bases in China and quality suppliers in Southeast Asia, India and Africa. Every step from raw materials to production is strictly controlled, and we are committed to providing customers with better and newer products.


Together with our global supply chain, we deliver quality products to the world. At the same time, through the establishment of branch warehouses in North America and Europe, we ensure the stability of local stocks, and greatly improve the delivery speed of the inland Europe and the United States, to meet the needs of customers.

Global Transportation

Safe, fast and efficient” is Huir's pursuit of transportation services.


We have experienced freight forwarders, a global transportation network and warehouses in North America and Europe. Thanks to the advanced Huirui management system, we can track the cargo whereabouts in real time, control the global warehouse storage quantity, and update the goods and storage status for customers in a timely manner.


Now, Huir's global transportation network has achieved initial success. North American and European customers have realized the delivery of the contract on the same day, the next day, greatly shortening the delivery time, effectively controlling the cost of time and transportation fees for the customers.

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